Brand new B2B ordering platform

For Greek Ministry of Development and Investment

Warply nominated "Loyalty Agency of the year" for 2nd year in a row

Warply won a total of 30 awards, 2 Platimum and 9 Gold and the title “Loyalty Brand of the Year” for the Visit Greece app

Warply announces the acquisition of Mobideals, a merchant value-added services platform, to enhance MENA presence

Warply aims to strengthen its presence in KSA and UAE further aiming for a 120% growth during 2021

Dimitris Grammaticoyiannis talking about the Ethicalode, the alternative fashion site

An ethical ode, for people who view fashion with a political and ecological sense

Curious about AI in the F&B sector? Read the article to explore how AI 4.0 by Warply is revolutionizing dining experience.

2023-11-24 13:51:05.381822

Read below the success story behind J-Club by Jameson, a groundbreaking loyalty program by Warply.

2023-11-22 10:45:39.221862

Read the latest trends transforming the landscape of customer loyalty.

2023-11-22 10:42:09.751804

We will explore how loyalty programs have become a key factor in the success of restaurants and coffee shops.

2023-11-22 10:37:23.158892